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SCUF Gaming

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SCUF is an esports company based in Atlanta that produces the most precise, performance-enhancing controllers on the market. They are so effective that 90% of eSports pros use their controllers.

Founded by an inventor, the brand has naturally grown from customisation to OEM manufacturing for mainstream equipment brands, including Sony Playstation.


SCUF Gaming


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Product Development
  • Packaging Design
  • HMI Design


SCUF had organically grown their presence and product offering through considered invention and testing with the finest talent in modern day esports. However, their brand communication and marketing had not kept pace and required a rethink.

This necessitated a new positioning and visual identity to build a platform that would scale with, and support, the company's ambitious growth plans.


After a comprehensive research phase, gaining understanding of SCUF's strategic objectives, we developed a new positioning to establish them as the definitive premium controller brand. It was important to balance the core benefits of their controllers; the power and precision to deliver incredible performance and the heightened and immersive gaming experience that this delivers, whether the user is an aspiring pro or casual gamer.

A focus on the crucial point where man meets machine – or hands meet controller – provided us with a differentiating image style and a primary element of the new visual identity.


Delivery of the rebrand at the E3 gaming convention generated both standout and word of mouth for the brand. With the new, premium, proposition delivered across both brand and product, the launch of the 'Vantage' controller to the US market saw large uptake in pre-orders and significant coverage through both traditional PR and an influencer-led campaign.

The ultimate result was the successful acquisition of SCUF Gaming by Corsair with particular investment focus on SCUF's brand recognition and strength in the marketplace which was seen as a major value add to the Corsair portfolio.

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