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Fantastec SWAP

Revolutionise fan technology


Digital fan

Fantastec SWAP is the first in a suite of superior products that Fantastec is developing which combine new and emerging technologies with content to enable richer, more rewarding fan experiences that connect brands with consumers.

Interstate augmented Fantastec's in-house developers to innovate the way fans connect and engage more deeply with the sports and teams they so passionately follow, by creating a unique product that provides verifiable collectibles on the Blockchain.




  • Digital Design
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • UX Design
  • Design System
  • UI Design



Fans are no longer concentrated in the communities or the countries in which their teams play, resulting in the majority of fans never making it to the stadium and or getting close to their heroes. Fantastec needed to provide a platform to help fans get closer to the game they love.

Fantastec saw the transformation of classic player cards into a digital asset as the answer. However, dubious global trading methods that exist today had to taken into consideration. We needed to disrupt the traditional collectible market by delivering a digital product and experience using Blockchain technology.


We developed a high fidelity prototype as a proof of concept for Fantastec. We started with the mapping of comprehensive user journeys and feature sets, before we commenced fortnightly feature-driven sprints to deliver the playable POC.

The sprints focussed on feature conceptualisation, front-end development and API integration that allowed for rapid prototyping and testing to ensure product direction and validity. Our Agile working methodology allowed our combined team of planners, React developers, UI/UX designers and motion designers to rapidly hit the milestones and demands of the POC.


Our POC provided invaluable feedback loops and learnings which were leveraged to build the global Android and Apple Apps, launching with Arsenal Football Club badging the game as an officially licensed product.

With unique club content, including the first app to feature both male & female squads, the feature-rich game is the first football game to be built on blockchain technology, enabling verified unique collectibles and secure, flawless swapping. Fantastec SWAP demonstrates the powerful capability of blockchain technology in solving issues within the sports and gaming industries.

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