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The Premier League



Unmistakable experience for the Global Game.

Energetic, competitive, exhilarating, the Premier League is the greatest football league in the world, unrivalled in setting the benchmark for entertainment and sporting excellence across all corners of the world. Presented with an evolved identity for the 23/24 season, Interstate were engaged in developing a game-changing broadcast experience that brings the Premier League's matchday magic to life for over 3 billion viewers worldwide. Delivered in collaboration with IMG Media (Premier League Productions), we created over 150+ graphics, including live in-match graphics, augmented reality, touch-screen, studio graphics, and show titles, all unified by a set of core foundations: to be unmistakable, inclusive, competitive, and energetic.


Premier League


  • Broadcast Design
  • Motion Templates
  • In-Stadium Display
  • Augmented Reality
  • Show Titles

Unmistakably Premier League

A unified storytelling system powered by the Premier League, driven by catalysts of energy sparking synergy between the world's most passionate clubs and the bigger, bolder, brighter evolution of the Premier League brand. This forms an unmistakable experience for billions of global fans. The iconic lion lives at the heart of the broadcast action, taking centre stage, dictating play, and running the show for the greatest show on earth.


Confident, reactive, and informative, the new scoreclock is meticulously crafted with purpose and narrative. At the heart of the action, the Premier League lion adapts its form to enhance the story of each game, adding dynamism to data displays that shift from the expressive to the more controlled. Club and competition brand colors are rigorously tested across differing stadiums in various lighting conditions, creating a system that flexes across every eventuality while maintaining the unmistakable foundation that is present across all graphics beyond the scoreclock.

For the Global fans

From across the room to across fan-filled bars, spanning all continents, the global watch party culture led a ‘No Assumptions’ design approach that embraces, not alienates the next-generation of global fans. The broadcast experience focuses on functional inclusivity and accessibility, from breaking down club tricodes, instantly recognisable club to shirt associations, to a bolder, simplified typographic style.

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