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Bapco Energies

to power the next generation


Defining conscious change

Bapco Energies is the consolidation of a 90 year old group of energy companies wholly owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain. At an operational level, it was agreed that the company would consolidate its diverse energy assets under a single, unified business that would be better aligned to carry its future energy ambitions and to address the global energy landscape with a unified face. This restructure and rebrand signals the move towards becoming a ‘broad energy’ company. Shifting to decarbonise oil and gas production and transition towards renewable energy sources, securing a brighter and more sustainable future for Bahrain.

Inspired by this commitment to change, Interstate built the brand strategy and visual identity that will propel Bapco Energies towards becoming an agile, international and future-ready energy company.


Bapco Energies


  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral Development
  • Ongoing Brand/Marketing Support
  • Website Design


From an oil and gas company to an energy company

The Bapco name holds unparalleled importance in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It represents leadership, political, national and international value. Our challenge was to develop a brand strategy that unified fragmented OpCos under one banner with a new visual identity to match. During our immersion it became clear that ‘everyone knows someone who works for Bapco’, underlining the national significance of the project.

I’d like Bapco to represent the idea of conscious change – this is not just a logo. It’s unifying everything.

MARK Thomas

Bapco Energies, Group CEO


We developed a brand purpose capable of unifying a nation. An acknowledgement of how today’s actions are a fundamental part in driving the transition towards a brighter future. ‘To power the next generation’ is a dynamic purpose that encourages a company culture of perpetually looking forward, and underscores the role Bapco Energies plays in powering everything and everyone in Bahrain. 

There will always be a next generation and Bapco Energies will be the unified business powering it.

Pathway to the future

A fresh logo which symbolises Bapco Energies' forward-facing journey, embracing the future of energy. It fuels Bahrain's next generation, bringing a sense of clarity and unity to the updated brand architecture.

This change is about so much more than just rebranding. It symbolises the start of an exciting new era.

His highness shaikh nasser bin hamad al khalifa

Bapco Energies, Chairman of the Board

The energy wave

Bapco Energies’ vibrant and dynamic supergraphic embodies the essence of our identity’s concept. The energy wave is constantly in motion, mirroring the unwavering innovation and agility of Bapco Energies. It has the drive to overcome all obstacles we may face in the future. A kinetic energy that empowers the next generation of Bahrain.

Be tomorrow

Bapco Energies’ bespoke typeface adds expressive curves and joins into the characters. It is precise and technical yet human and warm. Timeless, with a strong sense of character. The name, BeTomorrow, represents Bapco Energies’ progressive spirit and how we are prepared to power the next generation.

beyond the logo

We established a distinctive brand with a singular purpose, one that transcends mere logo representation by breathing life into the strategy across all touchpoints. Whether in the digital realm, through experiential design, or in printed materials, the Bapco Energies brand thrives and resonates.

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