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Infiniti Black S

Racing technology beyond the track


Racing Technology Beyond the Track

Project Black S explored the potential for a new INFINITI ultra-high performance super sports car, featuring genuine Formula One derived hybrid drive train technology developed through a collaborative process between the INFINITI Q60 production facility in Atsugi Japan, INFINITI Design London and the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team in Enstone. The Q60 Black S would deliver an unparalleled driving experience, everyday.

We worked across each key element of this project from product strategy to launch. Communicating the complexity of the task at hand was a focus because behind every daring, forward thinking and ’never attempted before’ initiative there is always combined human talent.

It was this challenging technical story that we set out to capture in an exhaustive multi location ‘fly on the wall’ documentary film.

Demonstrating not only the collaborative nature of the car’s development, it was also crucial to open the lid on how the process would unfold. From showing the initial concept and design, the implementation of technology, and rigorous testing and refinement, we saw how unforeseen obstacles shaped the path to completion.




  • Brand Strategy
  • Documentary film treatment
  • Storyboarding
  • scripting and copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Editing
  • Social Strategy
  • Social Content


We developed a consistent and holistic brand message, one that positioned the Q60 Black S 'as INFINITI’s halo performance vehicle with the best regeneration system, inspired by Formula 1.’ And with our guiding principles of Smart Control, Empowering Performance, Exclusive Innovation, Racing Bred, Driving Intensity and Styling with Purpose we were able to build a tone of voice and film concept and treatment that really expressed the intensity of human spirit and technical expertise required to deliver such an engineering ambition.


With a rich story to narrate and multiple locations to highlight, it was critical to ensure that detailed narrative planning took place prior to shooting. Countless storyboards were designed to guide the storytelling and approach to framing which helped our production team to achieve the dramatic and highly cinematic style we had envisaged for the documentary.

Project Black S was a key step on the journey towards electrification for INFINITI, and showed us the path to electrical performance

Mike Colleran

Vice Chairman & Global Divisional Vice President, INFINITI

bringing the Story to life

Shooting over a 12-month period, across multiple locations in the UK, Hong Kong, and across Europe, we needed to provide a series of short, sharp edits to tell a compelling story from a complex process.

We communicated the success of the Black S as both an innovative technical achievement as well as an intensely engaging car to drive.

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