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Extreme E

Vision to Reality.

Extreme E is a radical new racing series, which will see electric SUVs competing in extreme environments around the world which have already been damaged or affected by climate and environmental change.

The series will highlight the impact of climate change and human interference in some of the world’s most remote locations and promotes electric vehicle adoption to help preserve the environment and protect the planet. The series is set to revolutionise motorsport and sports entertainment.


Extreme E


  • Brand Definition
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Launch
  • Brand Strategy
  • Livery Design
  • Digital Design
  • Event Design
  • Broadcast Graphics



A start-up radical motorsport series with a resounding message for change, targeting both motorsport and documentary audiences – our challenge was to build the brand embedding purpose, clear market positioning and a visual and experiential identity that could stay true to its founding ethos.

At the same time Extreme E had to establish a global media platform to showcase e-SUVs in rugged and hostile terrains and entice brands and partners to join forces in Extreme E’s bold mission.


We developed a robust brand proposition informing an identity around the globally recognised ‘X’ symbol for hazard and caution.

The ‘X’ is used to indicate issues of concern or man-made destruction that lie ahead - this warning sign is placed at the heart of the logo and offers a window to areas of the planet that are under threat. It is positioned between two reflected ‘ ‘E's', representing ‘Extreme’ and ‘Electric’.

The brand’s feature colours include green and black, symbolising a contrast of climate threat against hope and a feeling of collective responsibility for the planet’s future.


The brave positioning, ‘tackling climate change through sport,’ inspired a campaign of powerful visuals, supported by a set of brand pillars that began to resonate emotionally and globally. This created the foundation for the full brand experience that has now finished its first season. From zero to 32,486 articles, 5.25 bn reach across 190+ countries, 97% positive sentiment.

With a combined social following of over 657 thousand total social followers and 4.4 million likes. This has been about creating, designing and guiding every brand touch point ensuring this sporting platform promotes vehicle electrification and innovation, education on sustainability and the environment and be the world leading platform for gender equality within motor sport.

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