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Blacks Club

Wild and Wonderful. Since 1764.


Wild and Wonderful.
Since 1764.

Blacks is a private members club hidden behind the famous 'black door’ on Soho’s Dean Street, London. It’s roots go back to 1764 when a supper club was formed to meet and discuss the issues of the day over fine food and wine. The name ‘Blacks' was created as the antithesis to the 'White’s Club', London’s oldest gentlemen’s club. Many original Blacks members were black-balled from White’s and well, the rest is history.

Interstate explored the true spirit of Soho to build a brand dedicated to a different breed of members club, one where all are welcome and can play by their own rules and one that embodies the true spirit of the wild and wonderful Soho.




  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept Development
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Brand Definition
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Design



As the oldest members club and the original Soho institution, our challenge was how best to define and celebrate Blacks for a new, younger audience being fed a gentrified Soho by developers and the Soho House Group.

Our task was to sift through Soho’s true character and isolate those elements that made its identity Wild and Wonderful in past, present and future and unique to Blacks as an attitude, not just as a geography…


Wild and Wonderful. Since 1764 is the 'behind the black door’ creative concept to evoke and excite the basic human instinct of curiosity, fluidity and versatility. Private and inclusive, the new creative direction returns Soho to its rightful owners.

The confident use of black, type and imagery across applications builds a signature sophisticated style of the club.


With a hint at what lies behind seen only through the brief glimpses of vibrancy around the fringes. ‘Behind the black door' guides all creative application from website to members welcome pack, cocktails list and club art curation, events collaborators and supper club theming.
As one steps through the Blacks door the Club Symbol takes over, as a secret code representing the members. It’s playful upside down positioning is a quirk of Blacks personality, also used like a peek-in key hole, it’s constantly changing to surprise and intrigue.

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