Igniting data’s true power


Alqami are data specialists. Founded with the aim to address the growing challenges businesses face with the use and acquisition of data assets, Alqami develop and deliver strategies that leverage the true value of data as a powerful, profitable asset.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual identity

  • Animation

  • Events

  • Printed collateral

  • Merchandise

Challenge / Strategy

Cutting through the complex world of data – now regarded as the most valuable asset on the planet – was the key challenge to solve. We needed to ensure that a clear and consistent message came through at every touch point, whilst still differentiating themselves from the sea of data start-ups.


Positioning Alqami as a trusted expert that brings layered benefits to a business (and their data) helped translate their offering into a compelling proposition.

We developed a concept called ‘the power of the plus’ to demonstrate how Alqami build bespoke strategies that put each client on a path towards extracting maximum value from the data assets they have, or indeed what they may need in the future. Their process involves efficiently combining the best consultants, experience, IT, resources and training to provide unrivalled data-led solutions.

We built a layered graphic system to provide a consistent structure to all design applications whilst also offering great flexibility. Based on the plus symbol, every element is combined to reinforce the power of plus message.

We created motion theory that moves in a positive direction and adds an intuitive dimension to digital interactions and moving image. With the comprehensive library of icons the focus was on balanced functionality and precision that were optimised for screen

From here we could develop a series of digital communications including the website and social media presence.


Supported by a comprehensive brand and asset suite, Alqami are successfully cutting through the dull corporate landscape of data to attract clients at multiple stages of ‘data maturity’.

From education, training, data landscape assessment and strategy definition, to the valuation and sourcing of alternative data sets; underpinned by the brand Interstate built the Alqami team are now delivering global solutions for some of the largest and most recognisable global companies.