Webswappers - Swapit Website

Swapit is the leading online swapping and trading community for young people. 

Members earn virtual currency Swapits for every item they swap, and they can also earn Swapits from responsible brands and organisations for activities such as: visiting websites, product purchase, completing research surveys, eating healthy food at school and more.

Young people bank their Swapits and can then spend them on a wide range of new and second-hand items on the Swapit website, which Swapit then post to the winner.  There is no contact between members.

The Swapit Community:
The Swapit audience are aged six to 18 years old:

• 700,000 registered accounts
• 10 million monthly ad impressions
• 40,000 monthly swap transactions
• 11+ minutes average session time

The website was brand new from the ground up, to ensure that all the old site’s foibles and criticisms were laid to rest. Interstate created an expandable site that has deep, functional foundations.

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