Webswappers Limited - Brand Identity

Since Swapit's inception in 2001, the range of online communities for teens and pre-teens has evolved immeasurably. Interstate were tasked with a rebrand to modernise and take this online swapping auction brand to a wider, more tech-savvy demographic.

The Swapit Community:
The Swapit audience are aged six to 18 years old:

• 700,000 registered accounts
• 10 million monthly ad impressions
• 40,000 monthly swap transactions
• 11+ minutes average session time

"Cool" was the brief and because of the large age range of the target audience, it proved a challenge to reach a common ground where something cool for a six year old was also cool for a teenager. The brand and subsequent webpages were presented in controlled focus-group environment from the existing Swapit users.

The brand was compared against it's social network contemporaries together with online auction sites and retail environments. The designs were inspired by the motion and interaction of swapping and the cyclical, symbiotic relationship between parties.

The brand marque needed to be the foundation for an entirely new website. A suite of 'Swappers' were created to compliment the brand and they live on the website, guiding new users and highlighting key areas.

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