Virgin Racing Formula-e Team - Brand Identity

Always at the cutting-edge, Virgin continues to pioneer - this time through new adventures in technology. Its latest endeavour takes the company into electric mobility, entering the global FIA Formula E electric racing series.

But being Virgin, the aim is far greater than success in the new era of motorsport. Virgin aims to drive a positive impact for the planet and its people through sustainable transport technologies.

Virgin invited Interstate to create the identity for the team - to capture the pioneering spirit and become the heart of the series - the most fan-friendly/connected/open/engaging team on the grid. And most importantly, to do it ‘the Virgin way’.

Our guide was three of Virgin’s core brand values. Insatiable curiosity - how can we do better? Smart disruption - how do we challenge the status quo? And ‘Red Hot’ - provocative, high quality, innovative, passionate. All dialled up to 11.

The identity had to embody the Virgin character - cheeky, flirty, smart - and look amazing. Virgin wanted to shake up the grid in more ways than one.


Our solution - the ‘Charged Heart’ - the Virgin team powering into the heart of the city, leading the charge, performing with passion and taking the entertainment to the people.

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