Vertere - Packaging

Vertere's components are designed and built to such a meticulous standard, you can almost hear the passion that goes into the creation of each product.

The Vertere packaging was created to work both in form and in function. The exclusive nature of the Vertere Pulse Cable range meant that it required a protective shell ensuring it arrived safely to the customer eager to experience the purest Hi Fi sound reproduction. In addition to this a clever solution had to be devised to package lengths of cable from 1.5 metres up to 10 metres (no small amount of cable).

A set of key devices were conceived and created so that when used as a whole answered the creative brief perfectly. Throughout the design process, the principles of exclusivity and luxuriousness remained key. These values were leveraged through the use of specialist materials and high levels of detailing and finishing.

Working from the inside out, the Pulse cables are tied together with bespoke velcro fasteners. With the cables as a solid unit they are then held in a handmade drawstring bag finished with Vertere orange cord and bright orange liner. The outer material is a silver rip-stop fabric that is patterned by a mesh of squares, all in keeping with the Vertere brand. The bag is then held in a high density foam casing. The foam casings were routed to two different depths to cater for both small and large lengths of cable. The foam casing then slips into a printed card sleeve. Fastened by a magnetic strip, the sleeve opens up to reveal a personalised message from Vertere CEO Touraj Moghaddam and reveals the shock of orange printed on the inside. A folded flap on the side of the sleeve has a debossed area designed to hold a product description panel, stipulating cable type, length and connector type. The outside of the sleeve is designed with the minimalist styling of other key Vertere pieces. The Vertere logo is applied using a deboss and foil method portraying the concept of the comparison diagram.

Each piece of packaging is partnered with a bespoke white mailing carton designed to seal on closure and only able to be opened via a 'zip-rip' section on the rear of the box.

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