Vertere - Business Collateral

The Vertere brand was making its debut at the Sound and Vision Show 2011 in the UK. Vertere wanted to make sure their presence would make as much of a lasting impression the demonstrations of their components. Each piece was designed to have the feel of a brand as established as its historic achievements and growing reputation.

To reflect the high end and luxurious nature of the product, a number of different finishing techniques were utilised to create the premium brand space where Vertere is positioned - such as foil blocking and debossing to die stamping. Typography and detailing were designed to simple but elegant structured grids making the most of white space and nickel coloured metallic ink.

The overall effect and finishing of the pieces was one of consistency and minute attention to details - all adding to the allure of the brand and ensuring that it stood out from the rest of the exhibitors at the show. Each individual piece was designed to feel engineered and considered, each fold, material layer and production technique was used for a reason - to create a point of difference.

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