Vertere - Branding

An in-depth competitive market research document was created, recording TM Systems' main 'rivals', analysing their brands, visual style and creative critique. Brand values were derived from the many different avenues TM Systems had to offer - its level of technical expertise, its passion for music and sound, the way their knowledge could be imparted to like minded customers and finally the 'epiphany-like' listening experience simply described as '!'.

The naming generation process began only when we had settled upon the brand co-ordinates. Taking cues from utopian listening experiences, journeys into sound, technical terms and the human anatomy of the inner ear we then focussed on the 'end result', the purest recorded sound, and arrived at the name Vertere, the latin 'to change'. It seemed fitting that the stripped back, simplified concept (and overall point of the exercise) was embodied in this beautiful word. Sometimes the simplest names are the best.

The marque represents, in the style of a structured comparison diagram, an immediate insight into the positive enhancements to any Hi-Fi system using Vertere components. The grey box is the premium Hi-fi, and the platinum bars are the visual representation of the clear, defined, multi-level listening experience that can be achieved by using Vertere components. It was decided that no matter what price point the customers system was at, it would be ultimately improved once installing anything by Vertere.

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