Unilever plc - Mobile Manual

Occupying the market leader’s position means that increasing market share can be a challenging exercise. A change in sales technique to ‘hunting the consumer’ called for a toolkit: a manual and a CD-ROM to train sales forces and share best practices in all aspects relating to sales and marketing within sympathetic environments.

The first step in this project involved the assimilation of a mass of unsorted information from markets as far flung as Brazil and Australia, and organising it into a compelling business argument that would persuade local sales teams of the benefits of engaging consumers in pleasurable locations such as the beach.

Our design solution had to overcome a number of key issues: a lack of good quality images, a high quantity of text and graphs and the need to show the initiative as fun, active and rewarding for both sales and brand perception. An illustrative approach was adopted for the feature images and the cover was wrapped by a gel-filled sleeve in which floated the ‘hunting’ sales force.

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