The Ice Cream Union - Brand Development

With a name nailed, we wanted the visual experience to be contemporary and sophisticated in quality, whilst maintaining the spirit of the name with inspiring dialogue and a strong adherence the foundering principles. Our research took us into the narrative and visual language of unions - trade or otherwise. Ultimately, we felt that a word-marque aligned well with traditional union communications and ideals and conveyed the business commitment – this would be apparent in the unswerving confidence of a 'no-logo brand'.

The word marque takes the form of an ever changing statement that truly communicates ethos, values and pride behind the brand, and which in-turn would elevate The Ice Cream Union to the highest order. An appetising and sophisticated colour palette works with the typography and maintains a rich sense of modernity running throughout all applications. The Union concept is carried through the brand from the tone-of-voice to printed collateral and into naming each flavour, making this an ice cream brand that truly stands-out from the crowd.

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