Tarabut - Brand Identity & Invitation

Tarabut is the name given to a new investment management firm being created to align the interests of a group of young, progressive businessman from the Gulf region.

Tarabut - meaning unity in Arabic - will take a more inclusive and individual approach to investment; where the management company is owned and steered by its shareholders with a philosophy to match. The founding partners contribute on two levels – to both the intellectual and financial capital of the business, driving its management and growth with a perpetual desire to unite traditional business integrity with noble investment intent.

Interstate was appointed to develop the founder’s vision for a new kind of investment firm and to translate that vision into the brand communication strategy. The back-to-back “Ts” form a logotype that emphasises the importance of a united front whilst the identity reflects  an exclusive world where the vital link between past and present is translated through typography, imagery, aesthetic and tactile qualities. The first touch point for brand is an exclusive invitation to join the Council of Patrons - Tarabut's upper table. Presented in a bespoke walnut case, it is personalised and tells the story of Tarabut, its vision and objectives for a robust and responsible investor.

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