Stéphane Ratel Organisation - Brand Identity

“After more than 15 years of development in rebuilding GT racing we wanted to start 2010 with a new brand image that represented our new world championship status.”
Stéphane Ratel, CEO of SRO

“We want to develop a global platform to showcase the fastest, most desirable and intoxicating cars, learning from our proud heritage but looking to the future with a new, strong, dynamic and stylish brand identity.  By using the expertise of Interstate Associates I believe this new brand identity will help the championship capture the hearts and attention of motorsport fans around the globe.”

“It features the glorious cars, the racing and the circuits that everyone dreams of. With GT the latest addition to the FIA's world championships, we decided that we wanted to work alongside SRO to brand it in a style more in keeping with its status and constituencies. The new identity introduces a level of crafting and detail that aligns well with the quality of the cars competing and the professionalism and global ambitions of SRO.”
The marque draws its inspiration from the elegant lines, silhouettes and contours of GT car surfacing. Combined, these create a solid, confident marque that forms a unique 'GT' and an unmistakeable icon that aligns well with the championship's key facets: vehicle precision, driver skill, team motivation and fan loyalty. The modeling and flow of the logo are both intended to convey the quality of high-perfomance GT cars.

The new brand has a significant task ahead and with a number of GT categories to represent, the logos had to be visually integrated. In order to achieve the most effective and consistent identity for FIA GT as a whole, Interstate created a numeric suffix - featured as colour-coded insets - whilst maintaining a family of championship marques.

(Racetrack & Launch Images © DPPI)

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