Silverstone Circuit - Signage & Wayfinding

We were approached to develop the signage and wayfinding system for the entire site (including maps). We began by visiting the site and compiling a photographic audit that allowed us to develop an overarching scheme. Working with the existing Silverstone identity, our concept focussed around simplicity.

The former signage had utilised an extensive range of colours  and materials which we felt were confusing and hindered legibility. As well as reducing the number of colours, we introduced a clearer bold typeface to bring clarity. We also took advantage of the sense of scale - for example, using totem signage to ensure specific signs could be seen at different viewing points and distances, as well as introducing flags and banners across the site.

Using specific materials such as stainless steel and acryllic, we were able to bring further stand-out to the signs themselves. Lustrous metals were immediately eye-catching to help the large volumes of people navigate easily and efficiently around the site. Bold, figurative, 'heads-up' maps further enhanced the visitor wayfinding experience by being user-orientated. Installation took place over a number of months and is regarded as an effective upgrade and improvement  to one of the world's most famous sporting venues.

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