Penguin Books - Jamie Does…

Jamie's strong visual instinct, in depth knowledge of his target audience and ability to recognise opportunities in the market place led him to his latest project 'Jamie Does...'. With cheap, short-haul flights and long weekend getaways becoming increasingly popular and within a few short hours of the UK he recognised that there are new and exciting worlds of food just waiting to be discovered.

The concept seemed simple; hop on a cheap flight somewhere, absorb the culture, see the sights, smell the smells, eat the food and then learn how to cook it when you get home. The challenge for Interstate was to seamlessly and beautifully combine this along with Jamie's zeal and over 7000 of David Loftus's beautiful images, at the same time perfectly conveying the spirit and heritage of each individual country. And do it in half the usual time. What followed was almost 1,450 studio hours of grid systems, layouts, picture editing and skillful typography which resulted in Jamie himself saying: "Interstate Associates - the brilliant designers who took my words and David's pictures and turned them into this beautiful book. The results speak for themselves!"

The key to bringing each of the elements together was a clever grid system which allowed for the tailored styling of each country. The busy markets of Morocco are expressed through overlapping and rich coloured imagery; the antiquity of Greece conveyed in tile-like montages in bright azures and peacock greens and the beauty of Italy is perfectly depicted through artful textured crops and vivid full-bleeds. An additional touch of typographic and photographic textures, translated page numbers, bespoke country-specific page breakers and representative typefaces, all of which gave an overall sense of the country, flavours, optimism and fun.

Flicking through the book, the reader instantly recognises which country chapter they are in; the balance of textures, colours and scenes physically transporting the mind to those destinations: reminders for those who have visited before and inspiration to 'get up and go' for those who haven't. Interstate have created a modern and timeless cookbook and travelogue.

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