NEXTEV - Racing Identity

NEXTEV is a real 21st century story. A technology brand with no legacy and no product (yet) - but a bold vision and a desire to change for the better.

Born digital. Established in Shanghai with a vision to disrupt every aspect of mobility from concept to ownership and everything in between. NEXTEV is the name given to this ambitious - even audacious - start-up which in less than a year comprised Chinese investors, automotive and Silicon Valley executives and research & development centres in Shanghai, London, Munich and San Jose.

Launching NEXTEV with such goals in an age dominated by social media and mobile connectivity requires context and theme. Sport is one of the most effective channels for engaging consumers on a recurring basis and a relevant platform is even more valuable when developing technologies, materials and processes. The newly established FIA Formula E Championship offered the ideal stage to build awareness and technological edge and an agreement was made with Team China Racing to join the series. Success in sport requires excellence and luck and for NEXTEV TCR it was both: Nelson Piquet winning the inaugural Formula E World Championship.

For the 2016/2017 season, the Team was completely rebranded to reflect a definitive identity and clean, simple graphic image. Everything was treated with the same attention to detail to present a significant upgrade to the team’s presentation for the Beijing race. Numerous other upgrades are foreseen for this season and an aggressive social media strategy is planned to capture the enthusiasm of China’s young mobile communities to ensure that NEXTEV is recognised as a shaper of future mobility.

NEXTEV has only just arrived but the message is clear. It is here for the future.

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