Natoora - Van Liveries

Our friends over at Natoora are innovators in the sourcing and supply of fresh fruit & vegetables. In the last few years they have seen an immense growth and this trend does not look to be halting anytime soon. The new brand reflects their premium produce and commitment.

Within the branding process we had the chance to design the livery for their fleet of delivery vans. Every van is showcasing one of the amazing brand images of Natoora’s produce alongside the newly adopted framing device with the brand message, ‘flavour inside’. This message symbolises their new brand identity with fruit and vegetables at the heart of everything they do and also distinguishes them from others. Each van has an unique look ensuring you won't miss it on the streets. In total we have designed 11 box vans and one 7.5 ton truck with the new look.

These vans are now driving around delivering tons of fresh fruit & vegetables every day.