Natoora - New Brand Positioning

Natoora is a premium fruit & vegetables supplier based in London. Fruit & vegetables are at the heart of everything they do and they source and supply only fresh and seasonal produce. Having created their brand identity in 2008, Interstate was now tasked with evolving the brand as they wanted to ensure their philosophy of prioritising flavour was at the forefront of the brand message. The new brand was launched in Autumn of 2015.

The foundation of the new brand was the full sensory experience of fruit & vegetables, covering not only the taste but also the look, feel and smell of produce, resulting in flavour. The framing device with the message 'Flavour To The Core' came into place to emphasise the focus on flavour, with one piece of produce sliced to the core. The brand photography used, lets Natoora stand out from their competitors and the high contrasted, ‘Renaissance’ inspired photographs have an impact on customers even before they get to taste the produce. At Natoora everyone is devoted to what they do and are respectful and value the relationships with their growers. The new brand values represent their devotion and ambition to share the delight of great flavour.

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