Jamie Oliver - Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills Branding

Six years after Jamie Oliver first stepped into the nation's schools to tackle the issue of unhealthy school dinners, a new government initiative has decreed cookery lessons in schools mandatory for 11-14 year olds from September 2010. But as the time drew closer, how this would be achieved seemed less clear as many schools lacked the facilities to be able to implement the lessons.

Jamie decided to team up with Edexcel, the UK's largest awarding body, to create a comprehensive course, "that would inspire kids but also inspire teachers; something that would be both easy and fun to teach." (Jamie Oliver)

Thus Interstate were briefed to create the identity for this new and exciting course entitled Jamie's Home Cooking Skills with the task of making the course appealing to both student and teachers; two vastly different target audiences.

After extensive youth culture research and idea distillation, the first round of presented identities covered a number of different styling options, each with future application and growth at it's heart. After consultation and development, the final marque is a concentrated blend of self-expression and ... with the serious core message of knowledge and empowerment. The bright colourways of Magenta, Aqua and Violet paired with more significant dark blue, create a versatile identity which can be easily tailored to the different recipients. The "graffiti style" of the marque is intended to encourage exploration and experimentation from both the official brand side and also by the students embracing the course and pushing forward in their own unique and fluid way.

Teacher support material has been created with clarity and ease in mind, keeping the students interest with full-colour imagery and simple illustrations, adorned with splashes of colour and collectible badges, all the time keeping the text easy to read. The national launch of the Jamie's Home Cooking Skills created a buzz among the teaching community, with many schools eager to snap up the course and become the first in the country to teach this innovative new curriculum. The course rolls out in September with the beginning of the new school year - pay attention, the lesson is about to begin...

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