Ice Cream Union - Packaging

Having successfully established a strong reputation as a wholesale company distributing its premium ice cream to high-end gastropubs and restaurants, it was time for The Ice Cream Union to branch out.

Interstate was tasked with giving the Union a solid platform from which they could launch themselves into an already crowded retail market. It was decided that a set of small 120ml tubs would be the first in what promised to be an exciting venture into retail.

With the new tubs came new thoughts on how the Union brand could be leveraged to an in tune audience. It had to be immediate and catchy and the brands tone of voice had to sway more to their fun side than that of culinary excellence. The proof as they say would be in the pudding!

With the strategy honed, Interstate developed a quirky, wry copy style inspired by the language of political speeches and trade union statements. The limited space afforded to the 120ml tub meant that each slogan had to be humorous and punchy in each instance.

A wealth of slogans were created with the final five making it onto the final tubs. The flavours were indicated via the individually coloured lids with typographic styling taken from the existing wholesale packaging.

The final tubs create a never before seen side to The Ice Cream Union. A serious product with a sense of humour, managing to combine and reinforce the confidence our client has in their product and their expertise.

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