Ice Cream Union - Fileteado Packaging

Our friends over at the Ice Cream Union are continually striving to create ever more tantalising flavours; we thought it was time this was reflected across their 500ml and 120ml pots, including the all new Limited Editions.

Wishing to incorporate more of the Argentinian flare brought to the Union by its two founding brothers, Alex and Franco Fubini, research began on which elements of their culture would best capture this spirit and passion.

With street art being a fundamental part of Argentinian heritage we looked to bring this onto the packaging, turning the Ice Cream Union’s 'blue burst' into the backdrop for our wall concept and incorporating a classic style of graffiti writing called ‘Fileteado’ - pronounced fee-leh-teh-ah-doh.

So as not to forget the Unionist routes, we also turned our focus to key historical figures in Argentina’s past, choosing José San Martin - regarded as a national hero who is universally acclaimed as the liberator of Argentina.

It’s not all change though; the core brand devices including the iconic roundel and clear ingredients still shout loud and proud.

After the Union successfully retained their contract with British Airways we were tasked with updating the 80ml pots. Minor changes were made but these details mean they now resonate with the brand even more than before.

So whilst José San Martin may have inspired a whole country towards liberation, we hope that with this new packaging we have inspired you to sample all that the Ice Cream Union has to offer.

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