Group Lotus plc - Presenting the Lotus 125 and Evora GT4

In California Lotus intended to reveal two new products in four locations over 10 days.

The first, in Laguna Seca, involved turning a utilitarian garage unit into a stylish branded environment to reveal the Evora GT4 and Lotus 125. The challenge here was to find a way to blend the green and yellow of Lotus with the blues and blacks of the new Exos. Using a combination of graphic wall treatments and free-hanging translucent screens we were able to capture the essence of Lotus in both a graphical and physical expression.

The story of the Type 125 was made with edge-glo transulcent blues overlaying deep blues and blacks whlist the Evora GT4 was shown with white surfacing and translucent green and yellow panels. The whole space was 'washed' with stage lighting and created the highly dramatic theatre for the two new Lotus cars to star.

The 'show' then moved on to the Monterey Jet Centre for Gordon McCall's amazing evening of cars and planes. Many hundreds of millions of dollars of high-performance machinery must have attracted nearly all of California's rich and famous!

Lastly, we moved to the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course for the remarkable concours event where the Type 125 was a feature of the concept lawn - just behind the Rolls Royce and in front of Wayne Cherry's Hot Rod - and the GT4 was shown on Peter Hay Hill.

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