Group Lotus plc - Exos by Lotus

Our first work for Lotus involved an innovation and branding exercise to shape their concept for a 'Grand Prix Club'. The 'Club' concept combined ownership of an F1™ inspired machine with managed experience and to create an gentleman's automotive club exclusive to Lotus. With a major relaunch of their brand imminent, the project required significant research and structuring to develop a relevant and compelling proposition aimed at a few discerning customers which also offered a halo to the Lotus marque. The 'Grand Prix Club' as a working title conjured to many stereotypes and thus Exos was invented.

Taken from Exosphere, the very limit of the earth's atmosphere, Exos continues the Lotus tradition of nomenclature starting with an 'E' and alludes to an exceptional experience.

The Lotus Exos brand identity has been created to inspire and intrigue. The traditional images of racing shunned in favour of far more emotive imagery intended to generate a 21st century reputation for the Lotus brand and signal the beginning of a new era for this revered brand.

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