Group Lotus plc - Exos by Lotus Prospectus

Lotus had long planned to announce the Exos concept in California at the annual Concours d'Elegance gathering between Monterey and Carmel in Pebble Beach - probably the greatest concentration of automotive treasures and wealth anywhere on earth.

With the Lotus 125 the centre of attention on the concept lawn, the concept required more detail and substance to attract the interest or propspective customers. Matching quality and expectation with the target audience whilst not excluding the broad base of Lotus customers was critical and thus two brochures were prepared for the West Coast events.

On, a large format, limited editon prospectus inviting a few interested parties to look further and the other, a condensed version aimed at the curious and passionate Lotus enthusiast. Both relied on the same design philiosophy and technics and seemed to thrill people in California, Chicago, Bahrain and Europe.

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