FIA Institute - Centre of Excellence Identity

The Centre of Excellence was created to form the cornerstone of the FIA Institute’s aim to encourage and incentivise excellence in all aspect of motor sport safety. Interstate were engaged to formulate the strategy for the programme and all necessary communication tools to deliver this message to the defined audiences. Along with the FIA Institute, we devised the criteria by which a ‘Centre of Excellence’ Award and endorsement was nominated and selected. From here the framework that allowed the organisation to leverage their recognition for their own benefit and that of the FIA Institute was developed.

The programme was developed accommodating the future development of services or products that could be awarded an ‘Excellence’ certification. To capture the essence of the FIA Institute Centre of Excellence, the brand marque needed to embody and reflect the values of the organisation; Intelligence, Innovation, Safety, Precision and Advancement.The subsequent marque was developed using key elements from the initial design concepts. A sweeping circular shape composed of individual bold, graphic shards, emphasise the importance of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The resulting graphic device draws the eye to a central focus. This has been named The FIA Centre of Excellence Vortex™.

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