Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile - Website

With a global mandate to act in the best interests of the motorist and to govern international motorsport, the FIA is an organisation for whom a website is both a vital communications tool and a cost saving platform.

At the end of the ‘goldrush’ period of the internet, the body found itself with an organic website that had limited architecture and presented a disappointing brand window for such an influential body.

Tasked with developing the FIA’s brand positioning, the then newly installed Director of Communications commissioned us to rethink the site. To unravel the problem we had to first deconstruct the existing site, extracting thousands of PDFs and html pages.

Next, the information was reorganised and an information architecture established. In order to satisfy a wide variety of data handling and information management issues, our team created a bespoke Content Management and Publishing System which was specified and developed for the site. Navigation is a combination of genre, hierarchical and graphic interface, making it equally attractive to the casual user as it is to the expert - of which there are many. Multi-page documents are dynamically divided into manageable pages by the system. After 18 months work FIA.com has over 3,500 pages posted and is available in both French and English.

In addition to the site framework and build, we have also developed one-off project components such as the interactive centenary showroom to support the FIA 100 Years’ celebrations at Gala events in Paris and Monaco.

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