Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile - Everyrace Identity and Website

As part of our ongoing working relationship, Interstate were approached by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) with the sensitive task of responding to the much publicised racial abuse incident which occurred during Formula 1 testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in February 2008. The world was watching, therefore a comprehensive and sophisticated approach was required: the EveryRace campaign was born. In order to create a credible campaign, which would encourage global support pledges, Interstate began by designing a marque and identity embodying the gravity and solemnity of the campaign, which was publicised around the world on such mainstream platforms as Reuters, Sky Sports and the BBC.

Interstate then took the identity to the next level, creating a dedicated website which would act as a podium for supporters to pledge their allegiance to the campaign. Award-winning motor sport photographer Darren Heath was commissioned to shoot a series of supporter portraits, some well known and some less so, that would form the basis of a image montage featured on the flash website; images programmed to morph from one face to the next, highlighting the diverse global community that is so fundamental to Formula One’s character, backed up by a series of quotes from important figures from the racing community. Since its launch in April 2008, the EveryRace campaign, has attracted thousands of supporters from around the world and will continue to develop throughout the season with regular updates to the ‘Faces of Racing’ to create a montage genuinely representative of the international motor sport community.

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