Bahrain International Circuit - Circuit Expression Track Embellishment

In preparation for the 6th Formula1™ Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix we helped the BIC create a colourful and spectacular expression of national and cultural pride through large scale ground graphics. This form of decoration was primarily intended to be broadcast to global T.V. audiences but also made an impression on the live audience attending the events.

For the the drivers to colour-coded corners and straights provided some useful referenece points and key graphic landmarks to differentiate the various areas of the desert circuit. This has become an evolving concept with the 2010 application extending over most of the desert sections.

Two graphic schemes were tested, these colour 'coded' a number of corner and turn run-off areas and 'oasis' straight sections of the track.

The first scheme explored the notion of rotating arces in the direction of the corner while the second used a collection of overlapping shapes derived from forms found in arabic calligraphy. This route was implemented with the addition of two country messages, a bold arabic 'Bahrain' at turn 6 and the final turn 12, the designs for the first scheme were used to bring colour and character to areas of the main grandstand.

The artworks were translated into 'real-time' coordinates, resulting in over 3,000 points being set-out via GPS to replicate the approved designs.

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