Adam Perry Lang - Website

Adam Perry Lang's website is devised to act as his ultimate communication tool. As Adam travels extensively he can readily update the site using a bespoke CMS system, by adding up-to-the-minute news stories, new images of dishes created, new friends made and exciting new ways to barbecue. It acts as an immediate link to his followers and as a confident, bold introduction to those new to the world of barbecue.

The site acts as the hub to all of Adam's social media - Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Twitpic and Youtube are only a few ways that we can watch Adam do what he does best - all of these are accessible from the homepage of the site.

The handwritten elements are used throughout the site as graphical cues for Adams sayings and traits. These add a little of Adam's persona and bold character to each page. The colour palette devised at the early stages of the branding exercise has been put to good use, defining each different section with its own colour.

The website complements the Master Logo not just in visual style but also in its behaviour. It acts as APL's portal to convey his latest discoveries and creations in a modern, aesthetic style.

An exclusive area was also designed with access only granted by signing up to APL's Test Kitchen newsletter, the secret area acts as an intro to the rest of the site, an exclusive taste of what's in store. The newsletter can be subscribed to on Adam's main site or on the BBQ25 microsite, also designed and produced by Interstate.

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