Adam Perry Lang - Identity

To coincide with his latest book release 'BBQ25' (also designed by Interstate), Adam needed a brand identity that conveyed his passion for all things barbecue, his instinctive thirst for knowledge and new skills and his strong, bold persona.

Our first steps were to get to know who Adam Perry Lang was, what made him tick, his likes, dislikes - how he came about being a recognised barbecue expert. The latter element challenged Interstate to research - what is barbecue? The art of barbecue is so much than the stereotypical image. It is serious business with serious flavours and each country does it so differently.

Adam has a unique character and has many values that work well as foundations to his new brand. Interstate focussed on his passion for what he does, how he loves to find and learn new ways to create dishes from the fire pit or grill, and how he operates as a conduit to pass on this knowledge to others who are willing to try his recipes and hone their skills at the barbecue.

The concept for the chosen route was devised early on. We wanted to create a bold marque that conveyed the notion of Adam as this conduit of knowledge. Adams incessant note taking and keeping of information packed note books provided the visual inspiration for the logo - a collection of inspirational, handwritten words surrounding the bold logotype of Adam Perry Lang.

The handwriting style was developed further into a suite of logos representing Adams ventures and travels. The visual language of notebooks is utilised across the stationery and also appears on the website.

The brand Interstate have designed is a modern, flexible platform which has the capacity to grow alongside Adam as his reputation reaches further a field and his learning, skill and knowledge base expands. The brand is visually robust enough to allow for the satellite notes to change around his name over time or as a situation requires, such as visualising his ventures.

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