Adam Perry Lang - Charred & Scruffed

‘Charred & Scruffed’, the latest book from APL is a guide to active grilling techniques for achieving succulent meat, crunchy crusts, and intense flavour every time you cook with fire. The idea for the book was sparked when Adam found himself cooking with a friend for his 40th birthday. He barbecued pork butts with just salt, pepper, and cayenne, along with a killer mop sauce. The experience changed his perspective and inspired a new direction scaling back ingredients to maximise flavour, a technique rooted in campfire cooking.

Through 280 pages spanning well known barbecue classics to more unconventional dishes like Adam’s Clinched Strip Steak cooked directly on the coals, this book applies the lessons of classic cuisine to the 'folkways of barbecue'. In Adam’s words: ‘Thinking small produces big results’.

Working with New York Times' columnist Peter Kaminsky and NYC publisher Artisan, Interstate developed a concept that reflects Adam’s flavour-efficient new direction. An economical and paired back layout featuring sumptuous full-bleed photography of selected recipes, places the focus firmly on the flavour experience. Step-by-step imagery guides the reader through some of the more unconventional techniques, making for an assured cooking experience. Illustrations and Adam's quirky notes and handy tips help the book remain informal and fun, important when some of the grilling methods are so unusual.

While the majority of BBQ’ers are men, it is women who often contribute with the all-important side dishes and finishing touches. The ‘co-stars’ were given their own chapters with convenient cross referencing for perfect BBQ pairings, thus opening up the joys of the BBQ to a broader demographic.

Championing the belief that no-one barbecues alone, all recipes for the book were beautifully shot in the course of two hectic weekends by acclaimed photographer Simon Wheeler, culminating in a shoot with Adam’s friends and family enjoying the APL grill experience.

All in all, a flavour-busting, mouth-watering barbecue special for all to share. A book that stands off the shelf in a crowded and often generic market.

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