The Power Of
Formula 1® 2.0

The Story of Sport & Business


Formula 1® is well known but not always well understood. As one of the most dramatic sports on earth, many of its greatest achievements and most valuable assets are hidden behind a veneer of glamour and celebrity. An incredible show of high-tech innovation, swiss watch precision and trailblazing individuals. It is one attractive and highly tuned performer that has an incredible story to tell.

Tasked with telling this story, we first set-out to explain the F1 brand’s provenance and defining moments. To do this it was essential to contextualise these developments with the rise of other (now global) brands like Ferrari, Marlboro, Benetton, Red Bull and Renault. Formula 1 has played a significant role in the establishment of these and many other brands - as it pioneered the concept of branded entertainment with iconic cars and emblazoned tracks years before YouTube and other social channels were even connected.

Through a combination of intensive research, client interviews and authentic case studies, with sharp and purposeful design, ‘The Power of Formula 1®’ distills a complex and multi-faceted ‘circus’ into tangible and enlightening business stories intended to inspire a broad and influential audience. The story of Sport and Business is told in two books and augmented by digital video edits - following the same themes - on Blu-ray and USB cards set in a high-density foam layer on the Power of Formula 1 box-set.

From concept to reality, this Interstate project is one we are particularly proud of.