Informed Financial Services



It is increasingly important that customers understand not only a company's product or service, but what they stand for and their vision for the future. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the financial services sector which has seen a decline in consumer confidence in recent years.

Despite being unrivalled in Bahrain for its varied capabilities; combining the regular publication of influential sector research, with an enviable reputation for stable investment returns and unwavering professional conduct, SICO’s brand identity failed to reflect this expert and trusted status.

Unlocking SICO’s new brand therefore began with forming an understanding of what this bank meant to their clients and employees and their aims for the future. What followed was a considered modernisation of the entire brand aesthetic for SICO, developing an identity that feels modern and contemporary alongside being established and robust.

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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Marketing
  • Financial

The Logo

We designed a dual language logo illustrating the international outlook and regional focus of this client's business model.

Combined with a colour palette that feels fresh and sophisticated and elegant typefaces in Arabic and English, we rolled out the identity consistently across the huge variety of  communication channels used to communicate with customers and internal stakeholders.


Of particular focus to this client were the research reports published on a weekly and in some cases,  daily basis. Quoted by media networks frequently, SICO research is known for its high quality, combining integrity and substance.

It was particularly important that the design of these reports was consistent with the other brand touch points, whilst having personality and holding their own against competitors, all the while allowing for optimal information absorption by the reader.

Brand Guidelines

Key to finalising such a complex brand was the collation of the brand guidelines document, which has evolved overtime to become a 60 page manual to the new identity.

Covering everything from digital to print, environment design to branded vehicles, it will be an essential tool in the design of future brand applications.