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Welcome to the
Urban Oasis

From the moment a guest steps into the Palmyard they feel welcomed and relaxed; open and excited to explore this urban oasis. Following our motto ‘Let Life Flourish’, we want this experience to be translated across the hotel website, with a less formal yet engaging high standard, all with a regionalised context.




  • Visual Identity
  • Website and Digital Design


  • 2023 Gold Transform Award - Best Brand Consolidation
  • 2023 Silver Transform Award - Best Visual identity



Grounded, tactile, and warming - representing the aura of the Palmyard was a critical element of the hotel’s online presence. Creating a free-flowing sophistication was essential in communicating what sort of experience a consumer could expect if they were to book a stay at the boutique hotel.

day & night destination

Not only reflective of the brands core palette, the tonal selections present on the website have been selected to continue to establish the Palmyard hotel as both a day & night destination, using a balance of shades from both dark and light natural palettes.

enjoy your stay

Guests are now looking to stay at places that cater to specific hobbies and activities they are passionate about as well as unique opportunities to experience local activities and culture.

Built with a user-led booking portal at its core, the website is tailored to booking a stay, or one of the partner restaurants in 
a few simple clicks; accessible from wherever they are on
the website.

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