Sailing the Dream



Oyster Yachts - An international market leader for world-class British-built cruising yachts, approached us to overhaul their digital experience to be in line with the brand's renowned unsurpassed quality and performance.

Our challenge wasn’t simply to create a premium digital website; it was to provide a platform that enabled Oyster to tell the brand stories that make them so unique, building upon long-term relationships and selling the dream to new and existing customers.

Through brand workshops, extensive UX planning and user research we were able to prioritise web functions and user needs, including a streamlined navigation system, central CMS for all teams within the business, bespoke shortlist function and an integrated VR showcase for new yachts.

  • Web Design
  • UX/Interface
  • Digital Strategy
  • Luxury
  • Nautical

Responsive Design

The customer relationship is always at the heart of the Oyster service, and we wanted to reflect this in how we designed the experience, whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop.

The modular components allowed us to create highly responsive layouts and a website that is fully accessible no matter the location or device. We wanted every interaction to reflect the same quality, attention to details and craftsmanship as the yacht builds themselves.

Oyster World Rally

Organised exclusively for the owners of Oyster yachts, the Oyster World Rally is the brand's flagship event. Spanning over 27 months the participants explore the world’s most exotic bluewater destinations.

To support this extraordinary event, we created a microsite, that was designed to complement the visual style of the new brand website, creating a consistent crossover communication tool to promote the event,

A dream for many but made a reality by Oyster. Key features include a live fleet tracker, media feed from the participants during the rally and information hub for important documents and news updates.