Record-breaking Performance



When NextEV approached Interstate with the NIO EP9, an all-electric Supercar with some aggressive performance targets, it was clear the launch campaign had to be special. A project like no other, delivering a ground breaking new product to the automotive industry.

Interstate’s involvement began with a complete design of the programme identity.
It quickly developed into the delivery of three supercar liveries, content planning and strategy for influencer engagement, all on-track and studio launch photography, cinematic on-track films across three countries, operational support for the test programme, design support for physical components of the car - through to copywriting and strategy for key product messaging with final delivery of key assets for a global brand launch at the Saatchi Gallery in November 2016.

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Paul Ricard

Shot over 3 days at Circuit Paul Ricard, the film pulled together all the EP9 key technical features but sought to bring them to consumers at an digestible level.

In a car this refined, everything has to work in harmony and Interstate were tasked with capturing the technical achievements and proof of the car while it tested in the South of France at Paul Ricard Circuit.


“This car, in terms of its vehicle-dynamic performance, will be by far the fastest (electric) car of its time” - Dr. Martin Leach, Founder & Co-President

A track like no other in the world - the ultimate test of man and machine, the Nordschleife has long been the preferred proving ground for the world’s finest automotive manufacturers.

With a desire to create a film that avoided supercar clichés and presented the car’s performance through a pure cinematic lens with high-end production values and cinema-standard post-production, Interstate developed the script, creative, production and final cuts - both long and short-form - for the NIO EP9’s worldwide debut on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife.

First screened at NIO's global brand launch at the Saatchi Gallery, London, November 2016, the films served as statements of intent for a brand that aims to define the EV segment. Initially taking the 6th fastest time, the NIO EP9 went on to record the fastest production car time with lap of 06:45.90 in May 2017. The first time an EV has ever held the overall lap record on the infamous Nürburgring.

Circuit of the Americas

Interstate delivered the third key communication piece in the NIO EP9 programme, capturing the story behind the fastest autonomous car in the world, proving that autonomy and performance can co-exist.