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NIO EP9 - Circuit Paul Ricard Film

Circuit Paul Ricard


  • Film Treatment
  • Film Production
  • Post Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Development
  • Motion Graphics

Technical Proving Film

Ahead of the Nordschleife attempt, the EP9 was taken to the South of France for a closed series of technical testing sessions.

With a highly unique approach to the build and incredible amount of power to tame, test drivers Oliver Turvey and Nelson Piquet Jr. put the car through its paces and broke track records in the process.

The filming approach at Circuit Paul Ricard focussed on highlighting the key technical features to be unveiled at the brand launch with our team working closely with the EP9 engineering team to develop a complex series of graphical overlays of the vehicle in the final edits.

Interstate nio ep9 paul ricard track
Interstate NIO paulricard 001
Interstate NIO paulricard 002
Interstate NIO paulricard 003

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