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Alive by Light

Introducing the EC7, a brand-new, smart flagship coupé SUV, and our latest creative partnership with NIO, launched to the world as part of NIO Day 2022.

Shot in a modern metropolitan, aspirational environment in Miami and following a cast that embodies the modern and expressive 'creative professional' that lives, works and plays without limit, our team built a treatment and narrative that culminated with a bespoke 'Alive with Light' exhibition in the Miami Design District – the "private view" and closing location for our shoot. Complete with original animated artworks inspired by the work of James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson and Ryoji Ikeda. 

Amplified by NIO's drive to create experience beyond expectations, we set out to create a film that accentuates the spirit of the drive. 

A symphony of design and performance. A reminder that elegance is power.




  • Film Treatment
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Pre Production
  • Post Production
  • Creative Development
  • Motion Graphics


A journey elevated for urban exploring

Building a clear and aspirational connection between the EC7 and the NIO users, a driver centred treatment, celebrated those who live without a ‘pause’ button. An intimate, joyful constant to every journey, the EC7 allows them to explore the continual energy of life and light in the city that surrounds them.

A celebration of two sides

When brought together by the EC7, they create the perfect balance. They bring the the best out each other, the city, and the car. Both eager to drive, we see the ultimate expression of a coupé as we experience our couple’s joyful journey through their city lights.

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