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Accelerated the micro-mobility revolution

eSC - eSkootr Championship

It’s time to eSCape

The eSkootr Championship (eSC) is a new, technology-enabled, sport for our time. Highly accessible and dynamic; agile and smart - eSC is a sport with purpose - changing habits and shifting attitudes to make our cities more sustainable and better places to live.

Sliding into the heart of a city with low impact and high visibility, eSC showcases new technology and equipment, innovative infrastructure and urban athletes in a dynamic sporting platform that emphasises the benefits, pleasure and thrill of micro-mobility.




  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Defintion
  • Brand VIS
  • Digital Design
  • Livery Design
  • Social Content
  • Product Strategy



It's hard to conceive of a more intentionally different approach to sport. Not only is eSC forming a new competitive entertainment platform, but it is shaping the narrative around the micro-mobility movement itself, inspiring urban transformation and mobilising societies to help shape more human, liveable and joyful cities. Creating a new, motorised sport with the objective of using sport’s emotive power to engage and inspire young people to adopt micro-mobility systems in a responsible and safety conscious manner is a very different proposition to typical motor sport platforms.

And, communicating this diverse proposition to such a broad and uninitiated target audience demanded a highly nuanced approach.


Our brand naming, strategy, narrative and identity has been created to underpin this radical and ambitious property with a smart, tech-led and highly adaptable image. eSCape is the destination and eSkootr Championship (eSC) the platform for a new sport to thrive.

At its core, the marque focuses on the agility and speed of micro-mobility, representing riders weaving through city streets and congested traffic. The wider visual identity developed for the Championship is clean, precise and urban in its attitude. Graphic language and narrative will have to blend with local cultures but the brand personality always walks a careful line - being politically correct and rebelliously in-touch.

The adaptable nature of the visual identity system has allowed us to successfully evolve the core identity into a related B2G sub-brand that required a more mature tone of voice, clear and concise attitude.


Since the brand launch, Interstate has created a comprehensive visual identity system which has been developed to perform for static, motion and digital deployment.

We have designed virtually every touch-point for this exciting new platform from the eSC website and social content to rider recruitment and rider community and eco-system building. The styling and graphic treatment for the racing eSkootr has also been a major area of development as eSC develops its first competitive device with Williams Advanced Engineering and Ycom in Italy. We have also created the brand and investor prospectus for stakeholders and venues to asses the value and opportunity of eSC.

With a future-led, smart and transformative brand, eSC is attracting like-minded partners, global cities and renowned brands as it gears-up for its first season and redefining how cities move.

Since the successful brand launch last year, we have designed the eSkootr livery to be sleek, modern and stealthy and created social content to support the launch. We delivered a smart, brand-led motion design for the eSC website, creating a purposeful and engaging experience across all interactions including fluid page and type transitions, hover states and reactive content widgets. We have also developed a full B2G sub-brand ready to advocate for change. With its future-led, smart and transformative brand identity, eSC are attracting global partners, world cities and renowned teams as they gear up for their first season.

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