Global Market Trading



This year the CEO of BP Prime, a global market trading product and service provider, approached Interstate to reposition and re-brand the company.

Through a process of fact finding, industry benchmarking and understanding the existing and future business plans, the requirement became clear in that the brand would need to take a more premium positioning and aesthetic in order to communicate and appeal to the BP Prime client base.

Business and brand strategy informs design at Interstate. By first developing the company vision, mission and proposition (both internally and externally), the brand can be built with a firm grounding, personality and attributes that are focused on delivering what matters most; premium financial products with a best-in-class service.

  • Branding
  • Moving Image
  • Interactive
  • Digital Strategy
  • Financial

Brand marque

The design of the identity went through several stages of development, eventually refined to the current brand in order to align and support the strategy.

Everything about the brand is routed in subtlety and refinement in order to convey a premium aesthetic. The marque was developed to give a simple flexible identity that can convey a sense of optimism, a window to a world-class financial platform and supported by a bold colour schematic and brand imagery. Based on the construct of a Chinese coin, the brand’s logo creates a solid statement for the brand with a shape that is rooted in the fundamentals of international trade.


Once the brand’s toolkit, Visual Identity System and positioning were solid, the website was created with Interstate executing the design and development of the customer-facing front-end. The UX and UI were designed to be as simple as possible in use and convey the brand’s new, more premium, aesthetic.

Brand Film

Video remains arguably the most visceral and impactful medium in brand communication. A simple brand reel was commissioned and developed by Interstate’s interactive team for use in key markets’ communication plans and digital advertising. Produced in multiple languages, the film will be one of the initial touchpoints and introductions the customer base will have with the new brand.