Ebury Publishing - The Five O’Clock Apron

When we were approached by Ebury Publishing to design a new recipe book for Guardian columnist, blogger, professional chef and all-round super-mum, Claire Thomson, Interstate couldn’t turn down the chance to design 'The Five O’Clock Apron'.

Claire’s mission for The Five O’Clock Apron was to inspire parents' daily meal routine. To create fresh, exciting, versatile and flavourful meals that would delight both kids and adults alike - albeit a bit later in the evening with a touch of salt and a glass of wine.

The quirky character and tireless passion of author Claire Thomson clearly shines through with her vivid writing, which is beautifully supported by fellow Bristolians, photographer Mike Lusmore and illustrator Alex Lucas. It was our job to bring it all together in one tasty and book bound package.

Legibility and clarity were essential. Our structured layout design and use of typography ensures the recipes are easy to read, whilst the muted colour system differentiate the 16 recipe-rich chapters which include milk, fruit and snacks. The line-work illustrations add extra charm to the chapter openers, which are filled with joyful photographs of Claire’s three daughters and her engaging copy that brings the magic of her food to life. 

The Five O’Clock Apron is not just a cook book, but a way of thinking and a unique insight into what makes food truly appealing for children.

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