Alkhabeer - Annual Report 2014

After the success of 2013’s Annual Report, Interstate were commissioned again by Alkhabeer Capital to design 2014’s edition. The report has become an important benchmark in helping to position Alkhabeer as a leading asset management and investment bank in the Saudi and broader Middle East and North African markets. Following the brave and impactful graphic style set in 2013, we refreshed this report using a key aspect from Alkhabeer’s 'Prediction Outlook for 2014', entitled ‘New Horizons’. Exploring this theme, we created a series of abstract horizons based on the five times of daily Islamic prayer. Using the Alkhabeer corporate tessellation shape which originates from their corporate brand language as a light source, a three dimensional graphic texture is created for each of the five horizons. The colours of each illustration reflect the natural colours but also stay within the four key colour palettes that represent their business lines, Real Estate, Capital Markets, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

This report created as much excitement as its predecessor, an engaging read with an informative layout. Introducing a new structure this time round, the Annual Report is divided into sections using the five illustrations as chapter dividers. The information graphics were also refreshed to complement the new visual style. For the financial section, a change in stock and use of linework helps the reader easily navigate from the report's two main segments.

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